Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vital Information at the Saudi Hajj Ministry

Everyone who wants to go to hajj should spend some time on the Hajj Ministry site of Saudia Arabia. The site includes all Saudia government regulations and deadlines for hajjis. It has historical, religious, and travel information. It also explains the 3 types of hajj and the requirements one must fulfill in each instance. The site as a FAQ sheet, and it has contact information.

It is impossible to stress enough how much preparation each hajji should make. If you think travel in the U.S. is tough for Muslims, try Saudi Customs. Anything they find in your luggage that doesn't look right is taken out and tossed into the trash, no questions asked. Anything that looks illegal will get you sent to jail immediately.
The customs officials have a tough job with an unimagineable flow of humanity with all of its colors and languages. They cannot take the time to listen to pleas of ignorance or extenuating circumstances. They are not about providing customer service. They are trying to process nearly 2 million people.
Go to the Hajj Ministry information website now and save yourself a lot of headaches later. For the Ministry statement on books and other materials click here. For the Ministry statement on food, drugs and alcohol click here.

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